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(Only support for Windows operating system)

- TOYOTA TOOL is specialized equipment used to diagnose faults, analyze live data, active actuators for Toyota, Lexus, Scion vehicles since 1996 which are compliant with standard M-OBD, OBD-II (16 pin connector below steering wheel). This equipment can works well with all Toyota cars have 16 pin connectors (DLC3) that some specialized OBD-II scanner of other companies doesn’t work.
- A solution using software is installed on computer and combined with a signal converter to connect with ECU on car.
Connect to computer Using 16 pin connector Other connector
 (don’t use)
- Used to diagnose faults of all electronic systems are controlled by ECU of Toyota, Lexus, Scion vehicles since 1996 that have 16 pins connector (standard M-OBD, OBD-II).
- Toyota tool can be used:
     + As a repairing-tool for workshop or a training-tool for Vocational School.
     + Connect to training equipments of EFI, ABS, SRS, AT vv… system
     + As a technical tester for cars
- The main functions:
     + Read/Clear fault
     + Reset ECU
     + Show live data in different formats as analog clock, real-time data graph, statistical table…
     + Active, check actuators
     + Show ECU information
     + Check monitoring status of systems
     + Add a registry key, edit key, cancel registration key

- Equipment work with systems:
     + Engine control system (PCM)
     + Chassis system (Chassis)
     + Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
     + Traction control system (TCS)
     + Electronic gear control system (AT/EG)
     + Body system (Body)
         + Door lock system
         + Lighting system
         + Wiper & washer system
         + Window & convertible system
         + Air conditioner control system
         + Door lock remote control system
         + Mirror system
         + Electric seat control system

     + Airbag system (SRS)
     + Instrument panel system (IP)
     + Key security system (Immobilizer)
     + 4-wheel drive system (4WD)
     + Cruise control system (ACC)
     + Electronic power steering system (EPS)
     + Hybrid system
     + Electronic damping system (ECS)
     + Radio system
     + Parking support system
     + Electronic stability system (ESP)
     + Audio system (Audio)
     + Other electronic control systems vv…
- Other special functions vv...

Interface software - show live data

Interface software - show live data
Interface software - show live data
Interface software - active actuators
Interface software - show fault code
Interface software - especially function

Interface software - content of fault code
- PC based solution is flexible
- Efficiency, accuracy and reliability in diagnosis
- Easy to use
- Easy to install
- Support information of fault code with DTD Code software
- Online support technical by DTDAuto technician
- Warranty 12 months for technique faults of product
- Operation system: Windows XP (SP3), Win7
- Processor: 586Mhz or more
- RAM: 32 MB or more
- Screen resolution: 800 by 600 pixels or more
- USB port
- 01 signal converter is integrated in OBD-II cable
- 01 CD-Rom software
- 01 CD–Rom DTD Code software (optional)
- User guide book
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