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● Product Code: EI1001
● Origin: DTDAUTO
● Availability: In stock
● Rate: Đánh giá
- TLC1.0.0.5 is a product made by DTDAUTO Technology Team
- TLC is used to support installing, repairing and upgrading the time indicator lights of traffic lights (Green, Yellow, Red) with kinds of incandescent lights & LED lights. It is very simple, safe, fast, convenient and efficient
- TCL1.0.0.5 is a product designed with modern electronic technology; automatically recognize, adjust, update and display information, independent from kinds of traffic lights or current electrical box. - Quality is equivalent to European equipment
- Low price, 24 month Warranty
- Electronic motherboard is compact and installed completely inside the box LED PCB F30054 to create a specialized independent presentation unit.
- Anti-knock, anti-water, compact installation with the standard industrial design.
- Electronic motherboard is manufactured by an automatic machine, includes 2 layers of silver-plate printed circuits to ensure durability and stability, very suitable for outdoor working conditions and high humidity.
- Main components are made in Japan
- Use photo-electronic components having good insulation, durability and accurate stable operation.
- Center processing unit (CPU) is designed with advanced microcontroller technology to flexibly change display types with computer software.
- Low energy consumption without additional resources.
- Intelligent electronic circuits (Plug and Play) automatically identify and calculate operating time of light systems.
- Automatically optimize and adjust, display online all 3 lights (Green, Yellow, Red). Automatically adjust even when users set "hot" mode of lights (Hot setting). Multitasking designed and independent from types of electrical cabinets. Moreover, TCL also has a function of conversion to use for two sorts of traffic lights: the old (incandescent lights) and the new (LED).
- Not cause interference to other neighboring electronic equipment - The default mode: 00-99; Jump = 1sec

Traffic lights
- 01 display motherboard: LED PCB F30054
- 01 main circuit board: TLC1.0.0.5
- 01 sub-circuit board: TLCE (Optional) TLCE (only used for old-generation incandescent light)
- 01 data cable model TLC
- Documents
- Voltage: 220V/50Hz
- Consumption Power: about 7 W
- Total weight: about 1 kg
- This kind of product is outdoor equipment
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