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Model MEDIA 2.0-4W

Product code: ET2001
● Origin: DTDAUTO
● Availability: In stock
● Rate:Đánh giá

(Only support for Windows operating system)
- The product made by DTDAuto Technology Team, Institute of Physics, Hanoi, Vietnam.
- ABS 2.0 is perfect specialized equipment for vocational schools where trainees are taught both theory & practice of ABS
- ABS is modern training equipment providing all basic elements in technique training such as: Listening, Watching and Acting. It also provides online multimedia simulation with specialized software.
- Construction of the system is built based on real parts of ABS. ABS software is used to control, simulate, display and graph the operation
- ABS is designed, manufactured with the German standard set of training equipment
1. Software

- There is a full system of e-textbook including: audio, static images, animation, video clip of ABS structure & operation
- Work effectively on projectors and multimedia classrooms.
- Connect to a computer to control by COM port or USB port
- Graph the operation of ABS compare with normal brakes
- There is a system of sample exercises & tests
- Diagnose fault by special software of computer
- System can work independently from the computer or automatically controlled by the computer
- English or Vietnamese language

2. Board component system
- The model includes the real parts of ABS of Mercedes or BMW or Toyota
+ 04 (or 03) disk brakes (Origin: Mercedes or BMW or Toyota)
+ 04 (or 03) speed sensors (Origin: Mercedes or BMW or Toyota)
+ 01 Pedal pump block (Origin: Mercedes or BMW or Toyota)
+ 01 ABS valve unit (Origin: Mercedes or BMW or Toyota)
+ 01 ECU (Origin: Mercedes or BMW or Toyota)
+ 01 AC Motor for the demonstration (Origin: Vietnam)
+ 01 Table fitted with equipment (Origin: Vietnam)
+ Switches, fuses, ABS warning lights, circuit diagrams, hydraulic system... (Origin: Toyota or Germany)
- Manipulate with real parts in the Car
- Study characteristically the operation breaking of ABS mode and normal mode
- 01 Model with real parts of ABS
- 01 CDROM of ABS training-software
- 01 ABS electronic adapter (Made in Vietnam)
- 01 desktop computer,
- 01 printer and 01 computer-table (extra-optional, not included in quotation)
- 01 12V/50A Battery (extra-optional, not included in quotation)
- 01 battery charger with accessories, cables (Made in Vietnam)
- Reference documents

Software interface - Read fault codes

Software interface - Show live data

Software interface - Active actuators

Anti-lock brake system
- Voltage used: 220VAC/50Hz and 12VDC/50A
- Total weight: about 50 kg
- Using area: 1600 X 1900 X 600
- This kind of product is indoor-equipment
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