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Model AT09

Product code: ET2011
● Origin: DTDAUTO
● Availability: In stock
● Rate:Đánh giá

(Only support for Windows operating system)

- AT-Trainer is a product of DTDAuto Technology Team – Institute of Physics, Hanoi, Vietnam.
- Equipment is designed especially for vocational schools where trainees are taught both theory & practice of automatic transmission system.
- It is the modern training equipment providing all basic elements in technique training such as listening, watching, acting by emulating the real system.
- Describe and simulate the real the automatic transmission on vehicle
- Investigate the operation principle of automatic transmission, the actuators, sensor signal and center processing of the transmission (ECT) on the car. Students are directly observed the operation of automatic transmission with different situations and states
- Investigate working modes: P, R, N, D, 2, L by simulating specific situations
- Investigate working modes: OD, Cruise, and PATTERN SELECT DRIVING ...by simulating specific situations
- Investigate relationship between load and speed, brake, the setting state and the modes request of user.
- Identify fault code with MIL Code and EFI SCAN
- It is the visual teaching aid for trainers and trainees in vocational training
- Trainees can understand the basic components, operating principle, electrical diagram, the position of components in automatic transmission system.
- Trainees can get the way to diagnose and repair
- Simulate basic components, system structure and operation principles
- Simulate working principle of automatic transmission in real situations

Automatic transmission system for trainning

EFI SCAN software interface

EFI SCAN software interface

EFI SCAN software interface
- AT-Trainer is built with ECU and other parts in Toyota vehicles
- 01 EFI SCAN training software on CDROM
- 01 Movable board
- 01 Fuse
- 06 Gear position lights
- 03 State lights of oil valve
- 01 Engine coolant temperature sensor
- 01 Transmission fluid temperature sensor
- 01 Throttle position sensor
- 01 Brake position sensor
- 01 Cruise control switch
- 01 OD control switch
- 01 Transmission mode selection switch (DRIVING PATTERN SELECT)
- 01 RPM display gauge
- 01 vehicle speed display gauge
- 01 Electrical diagram of transmission
- 01 Gear lever
- 01 Transmission
- 01 Power switch
- 01 Variable size
- 01 User Guide
- Voltage used: 220VAC/50Hz
- Total weight: about 140kg
- Size appropriated about: (1800Hx1000Dx1200W) mm
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