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Product code: ET2040
● Origin: DTDAUTO
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- SENSOR KIT-13 is a product of DTDAUTO Technology Team/ Institute of Physics in 2013
- SENSOR KIT-13 designed used for vocational training of vehicle electronic fuel injection system
- SENSOR KIT-13 is a compact teaching trainer, flexible, efficient, appropriate research, training course on electricity and fuel. Very convenient for teaching in many places moved by personal motorcycle or cars
- Equipment building on real parts of the Toyota electronic fuel injection system with full function as "Input, ECU, Output".
- SENSOR KIT-13 manufactured in Vietnam, according to the standard equipment of the Vietnam vocational training.
Image of SENSOR KIT - 13 full set
Being teaching aids and educational tools teaching for teachers and automobile vocational training:
- Understand all of components basic sensors on new OBD-II standard of Cars
- Understand principles and principles working of the sensors with electronic fuel injection system & ignition
- Understand, analysis the dependence between the INPUT (signal input sensors) and OUTPUT (signal control actuators) through ECU (electrical controller)
- Understand electrical wiring diagram of system, installation position structure actual event on the car (according to accompanying documentation)
- Understand ways trouble diagnosis and repair by the different methods:
     + Replacing and excluding
     + Find fault position via analyzing on electrical wiring diagram
     + Find fault by intelligent diagnostic tools and other measurement equipment
This equipment is compact, integrated and very convenient for movement.
A. The equipment
- Includes full sensor system used on OBD-II engine of Japan Toyota manufacturer

+ 01 Intake air sensor unit (THA, MAF)
+ 01 Engine temperature sensor (THW)
+ 01 Oxy sensor (HO2S)
+ 01 Throttle position sensor (TPS)
+ 01 Knock sensor (KNK)
+ 01 Engine speed sensor (RPM)
+ 01 Camshaft position sensor (G)
+ 04 Switches as AC, STA, STP, Power Steel Switch (PSS)
01 Engine Control Module (ECM) + 01 Injector
+ 01 Ignition coil, igniter, spark
+ 01 ISC valve
+ 01 Check Engine Light

- Installation KIT practices style for transported by hands. Sensor can work as Car with 12VDC power adaptor integrated inside
- The connectors with electrical diagram principle allow learners and teachers test, check actual parameters (Live data) convenient
- "PAN MAKER" able to create basic faults for learning and teaching: there are 02 options create fault by normal switchs or setting on computer
- The connector used exchange data with a computer or scanner
- Use measuring by Multi-meter and AutoScope (pulse measuring device)
- Use PC Diagnostic scanner (high serial data)

B. Document and software for training
- Electronically pdf file support training with text, images, animation, animations for new ignition and electronic fuel injection systems. It is suitable for teaching with projector and multimedia training.
- OBD-II software for read/ clear fault codes, show Engine Live data
- AutoScope software, PAN Maker software…
- 01 OBD-II KIT sensors
- 01 full set of equipment for OBD-II Diagnosis
- 01 Multi-meter
- 01 full set of PC Auto Scope equipment for check automotive signal pulses
- 01 CD of DTD CODE software license used for: lookup fault codes, vocational training
- 01 English guidebook
- Some cable accessories

Software interface

Software interface
Software interface  Software interface 

OBD-II Sensor Kit
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