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Model VE-Trainer 08

Product code: ET2010
● Origin: DTDAUTO
● Availability: In stock
● Rate:Đánh giá


- This training-equipment provides all basic elements in technique training such as: Listening, Watching, Acting; it also provides online multimedia-simulation with specialized software
- Construction of the system is built on the basis of real parts of Electric & Electronic System
- It is possible to connect to your computer to control, simulate, display, diagnose faults, and graph the operation of circuits, sensors, Electronic control system and the actuator
VE-TRAINER is the perfectly-designed specialized equipment with high training quality and used in vocational schools where trainees are taught both theory and practice of Electric & Electronic system in modern vehicles
- Panel & cabinet (containing equipment & frame)
- Multi-purpose Power Supply
- 25 boards of basic function:
  1. Sensor common board
  2. Relay board
  3. Fuse board
  4. Switch board
  5. Electronic part board
  6. Lighting board
  7. Ignition board
  8. ISC valve & Injector board
  9. ECU board
  10. Actuator board
  11. Multi-meter board
  12. Headlight board
  13. Micro-controller board
  14. Camshaft & Crankshaft Sensor board
  15. Temperature & MAP Sensor board
  16. Rear & Brake lamp board
  17. Data collection board
  18. Horn & turn signal warning light board
  19. Throttle position & Thermo-time switch board
  20. Antenna board
  21. Coolant fan board
  22. Warning lamp board
  23. Oxygen & Knock Sensor board
  24. PAN board
  25. Starter board
- VE-Trainer 1.0 software (licensed software for only 01 computer)
- 01 Computer & 01 computer table (extra optional, not included in quotation)
- Technical documents

VE Trainer 08

Control software interface

Control software interface
- VE-Trainer 1.0 software runs on Windows with lively graphics interface: images, parameters and graphs of operation principles of electrical equipment, circuits and electronic control system.
- It is also possible to connect online to boards to get characteristic study, signal pulse, operation principles & control of sensors and actuators
- 25 boards of basic functions are used to practice multi-purpose electrical circuits, principles, structure, activities, testing, fault diagnosis, repairing and troubleshooting.
- This equipment includes boards of basic functions, separate components with a vivid simulation of operation principles, circuit diagram and Electronic control
- Trainers and trainees can use it to measure, test parameters of each part directly or through a computer, set actual incidents to form skills as well as knowledge of repairing and troubleshooting
- Especially, this equipment is open-designed for trainers and trainees to create or assemble boards according to each request of lessons from basic to advanced, from simple to complex with many methods and measuring instruments.
- Training computer-software supports information of basic theory, images, study graphs, model assembling, online simulations and lively lectures.
- Voltage used: 220VAC/50Hz, 12VDC/50A.
- Total weight: about 50 kg
- Dimensions: 1600 X 1900 X 600 mm
- This kind of product is indoor equipment
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