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  - S4 TRIP is new method with a small computer used like an auxiliary electronic equipment or toy for personal vehicle. S4 TRIP is installed on vehicle to support information for the drivers and the vehicle transportation management companies.
- S4 TRIP is designed compact, integrated and connected to the OBD2 diagnostic connector on the vehicles. It supports many integrated functions as black box, information display, checking, trouble diagnose and show the current status of the vehicle.
 - Supports most of the new generation vehicle includes gasoline, diesel, hybrid, LPG vehicles.
  - Used for most of new cars (2 to 16 seats) and light trucks new generation of all of manufacturers in the world which are compliant with the OBD-II standard.
- Reference in car list.

OBD-II diagnostic connector position
S4 TRIP is a compact, multi-functionality for the vehicle in real time. The device has four functions as follows:
1. Trip Computer
The device is designed compact to monitor information about vehicle in real time. It will display information:
    + Current vehicle speed
    + Fuel used of current trip
    + Average fuel economy
    + Fuel economy
    + Time driven
    + Distance driven
    + Distance remaining before tank is empty
    + Fuel remaining before tank is empty
    + Average speed
    + Maximum speed

2. Display current parameters (providing real time engine performance analysis, allowing you to adjust driving behavior and save fuel):
    + Vehicle speed
    + Engine RPM
    + Intake manifold absolute pressure
    + Voltage of battery
    + Engine load
    + Engine coolant temperature
    + Absolute throttle position
    + Intake air temperature
    + Ignition timing
    + Closed/Open loop

3. Scantool
    + Reading and erasing fault code (for the most appropriate vehicle standard OBDII)
    + Turn off check engine light (MIL) and reset monitors
    + View freeze frame data
    + Display monitor and operation of emission system
    + Retrieves vehicle information (vehicle ID (VIN), vehicle identification code correction (CIN), confirm the vehicle identification number (CVN))

4. Archive information (like black box on cars)
The device will be able to save up to 300 hours of driving data. It works as a black box to store every trip you make. The information it records includes:
    + Time and date for each trip
    + Maximum speed during trip
    + Time over speed
    + Number of times of deceleration limit exceed during trip
    + Number of times of acceleration limit exceed during trip
    + Hard acceleration and braking
  - Compact, easily installed on the vehicle
- Easy of use (follow instructions on screen of the equipment)
- Compatible with DTD Code Software
- Reliable operation, high-quality
  - Operating temperature: 0 to 60 ° C
- Storage temperature: -20 to 70 ° C
- Power: 8 to 16 V (provided via vehicle battery)
- Dimensions: 140x43.6x26.6 (LxWxH) mm
  - 01 S4 TRIP equipment
- 01 DTD Code Software (it is optional only)
- 01 OBD II Cable
- 01 USB Cable
- 01 Guide book

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