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(Cover all of the car, bus and trucks)

Product code: SP0001
● Origin: DTDAUTO
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The trading companies of vehicle GPS tracker want to order this product in large quantities, please contact DTDAUTO soon!
- VFC is designed with micro-electronic technology combined with the advanced know-how and long experience of the manufacturer.
- VFC design integrated, fully automatic and accurate conversion with high range resolution formats fuel level signals such as voltage, resistance, current, packet data ...
- Calibration standard and compatible with the type of signal receiver GPS Tracker with the format type of 2 wires or 3 wires signal input
- New solution many advantages compared with the products of other manufacturers
- Support setup functions and stamp seals of managers
- Documentation manual, installation in English or Vietnamese
- 1 year warranty technical
- The product has been tested for various types of vehicles, stable operation for a long time.
VFC can be setting automatically and compatible with almost all kinds of car, trucks, passenger bus and construction machine that use from 12V to 24V battery and not depending size and shape of the fuel tank.
1. Input Signal (INPUT)
- The signal voltage variation from 0V to 12V.
- You can set the status "FULL" and "EMPTY" with buttons, customized to each individual specification of each size tank vehicles without position sensor adjustment or setting parameters to Server and software on your computer.

2. Input Signal (OUTPUT)
There are two types of output signals compatible with all three types of GPS TRACKER include:
- Type of Voltage (input 3 wires)
- Type of Resistive (input 2 wires)
- Data type package (input 2 wires)

3. Other parameters
- Dimensions: 80 x 50 x 30mm
- Errors in the design: 1%
- Relative error: 2%
(Note: This relative error depends on the shape of the fuel tank, fuel tank height and the size of the fuel tank)
- Energy consumption: 0.4 W
- Operating time: 24/24 hours
- Operating temperature stability: - 10 * C to 80 * C
- Power supply: 12V (24V, or other options)
Wiring diagram between vehicle - VFC and GPS Tracker
Fuel consumption chart
A -> B: Running, B -> C: Stop; C -> D: Running; D -> E: Buy fuel; E -> F: Running; F--> G: Stop
- Low investment costs, easy installation and convenient
- No need to drill fuel tank, installation of mechanical and adding another fuel float
- Correct and reliability in all working modes of the vehicle
- Compatible with all kinds of truck, bus and car (no need to edit individual)
- Compatible with all kinds of supply voltages from 12V to 24V battery
- Energy consumption low, not affect the battery when the car long vacation
- Without prejudice to the fuel index display on dashboard of vehicles
- Safe, does not cause interference and affect other signals on the vehicles
- Monitoring of fuel all the time, even when the car is off work
- No need to adjust gasoline floats on each model and each fuel tank
- Not corrupted value in the long term use
- Can connect signal wiring from the dashboard or the fuel tank
- Compact design, science and technology with SMD electronic components
- Operating reliability, stability, quality and durability
- Technical support direct from the manufacturer
- 01 Devices VFC (with stamps warranty)
- 01 user manual document (Vietnamese or English)
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