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● Product code: ET2030
● Origin: DTDAUTO
● Availability: In stock
● Rate:Đánh giá
● Price:
110$US (Common shipping: 99$US)
- Clean the air, deodorize foul smell of cigarette, body, and gasoline… to make pleasant feeling, reduce feeling of car-sick.
- Sterilize pathogenic bacteria spreading through respiratory way, mold on leather surface of seats, felt, carpet, air conditioning and make clean environment inside a car
- Moreover, CAR CLEANER is able to also deodorize and sterilize for offices, home stay, karaoke-rooms, dining-room, warehouses, kitchens, toilets, blankets, fridges...
Car Cleaner equipment
1. Connect to 220VAC power and turn on switch (all LED light is ON)
2. Use "START" button to set suitable deodorizing timing for each car. When you press "START", LED light will shift to suitable position according to each option with increasing trend. Finally it is break mode and returns. Equipment will work after 5 seconds if you do not change any modes
3. Get out of your car and close all doors

  Time (minutes)
  Deodorizing (seats) 02 - 04 07 - 08 16 - 24  
  Cleaning air (m3) 20 - 40 50 - 60   > 60  

Notes: People and animals don’t be in the car when CAR CLEANER works
  1. 220VAC power cord
2. Power switches
3. Control Button
4. LED Light
5. Vent out of air
  1. Don’t soak or hit equipment
2. Keep equipment in place where is dry and safe from power.
3. Turn OFF power when you don’t use equipment
4. Don’t open the cover and adjust the inside component parts. Please contact to us or the nearest resellers when the equipment doesn’t work well or it doesn’t have smell of sterilizing air as new equipment does.
  - 12 month Warranty
- Service and Repair on demand
  - Power supply: 220VAC/50Hz
- Power rating: 15W
- Dimensions: 260 x 85 x 18 (mm)
- Weight: 1800g

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